Project Implementation and management

One can find the correct solution with correct project management.
Netoloji carries out the projects with extreme care to ensure the precise adaptation to the customer's organic structure and the unconditional customer satisfaction, and attaches great importance to the required preparatory work.

Project Complement and Management

Netoloji first organizes an introductory meeting after first contact with the customer.. The aim of this meeting is to obtain information about the company, to carry out preparatory activities for further work and to introduce the services to the customers. The next stage is a promotional activity to be carried out again at the request of the customer firm. During this promotion, which is made specifically for the company, it’s important to solve the customer’s specific problems. As a result of this meeting, a proposal can be presented to the customer firm, or headed for a "System Analysis" study as the basis of a possible project. The objective of the system analysis is to examine the existing system in detail for the optimization of the processes in order to reveal the organic structure of the company and to document the work carried out about the subjects shown below :

  • Organizational structure
  • Data processing infrastructure.
  • Workflows.
  • Internal and external data and document flow
  • Job definitions

As a result of the system analysis, the answer to the question of on which scale the requirements of the company is met. Unmet functions can be improved in accordance with the customer’s request.